Top 7 Reasons to Be a Hypnotist

By Celeste Hackett, C.H., B.C.H., C.P.H.I

If you are considering becoming a hypnotist/hypnotherapist, but are still not quite sure. The following 7 reasons (plus bonus reasons) may be just what you need! I hope to see you in my November class November 2-13! We also have a March Class coming up in 2010, one scheduled for the summer and one next October. Check out my website to learn more.

1 – Become Financially Independent

You can begin making money right away with very little start up when you get very good training in hypnotism. I started out seeing clients part time out of an apartment. I earned around 30K my first year while I was in training learning how to do hypnosis sessions. The following year I made about 75K! I give details in a series of articles entitled The Frugal but Professional Practice. Those articles are on this website. Check them out.

2 – Set Your Own Hours

I started my professional life as a radio announcer. In radio, announcers often have to work weekends and night shifts. After 24 years, I hated that. I wanted to have weekends off and I wanted regular 9 to 5 hours during the week, so once I became a hypnotist, I just made my own schedule. My new schedule is Tuesday through Friday. That’s right, who wants to work on Monday? I don’t. I also scheduled myself a 2 hour lunch! And when I want a vacation, or a longer weekend, no one has to approve it, I just block out the time and go.

3 – Get Started Helping People Fast

When I left radio I wanted a new career and I didn’t have the time to go to college. I prayed for something that would give me a meaningful education in a very short time. At my school, Dallas Hypnosis Career Training, that’s exactly what we do for our students. We eat, drink and sleep hypnosis for 10 intensive days in our training classes. Afterwards, you have on-going free support. There are also support training materials that you can buy if you want. (They are not absolutely necessary but are very helpful.)

Why is our training only two weeks long? We want you to begin hypnotizing right away, because that is where the real learning comes, on the job. Most every hypnosis instructor agrees, after you get the how to, real life experience is going to be your very best teacher. Keep in mind while you are learning you will have questions and we’ll be there for you.

4 – Get a New Career at a Fraction of the Cost of College

My niece is going to college for an associate’s degree in nursing. We figured it out. By the time she is finished with her degree program, her school costs will amount to over 30 thousand dollars! Our prices are less than a tenth of that. College prices vary quite a bit, but the school my niece is going to is one of the more reasonably priced ones. By the way, hypnosis is a great adjunct to many career paths, such as nursing, consulting, counseling or teaching and more.

5 – Job Security

I would never fire myself! So I don’t worry about losing my job. What a great boss I am! I work as hard or as much as I want to. I really love it. Also, there are no meetings unless I call them, and there is only a very limited amount of paperwork.

By the way, when big companies like Mervyn’s, Bennigan’s, AIG Insurance, Bear Stern Banking, Balleys, Sharper Image, Mrs. Fields, Circuit City (and more) all recently went bankrupt, we stayed in business. Not only did we stay in business, but my husband quit his job and started his new business from scratch. This along with my disabled niece coming to live with us put a strain on our two hypnosis businesses Family First Hypnosis and our School, Dallas Hypnosis Career Training, but, despite less income and another dependent, we have managed to stay in business and grow.

Why did we do so well? When you own your own business you are in control of not only costs, but all aspects of your work. So, if you are reasonably good with money, getting results with clients and are sensible you’ll probably be just fine too. See our recent press release: Job Security is Hypnotic to learn more about why we think starting your own business and hypnosis as a career path is a good bet in these economic times. Just Google "Job Security is Hypnotic" to read it.

6 – Help People When Everything Else Has Failed for Them

I can’t tell you how many times me and other hypnotists have heard from my client, "You are my last resort." Clients typically will come to you after they’ve tried everything else, doctors, medicine, psychiatrists and more. Imagine how good you will feel, not only giving them hope, but then making that hope real for them. There is no better feeling than to help another human being and helping when all odds seem to be against them will just bring tears to your eyes as well as theirs.

7 – See Amazing Hypnotic Phenomena Every Day

Experience the wonder of being a hypnotist! Seeing the power of the subconscious mind is pretty exciting. It’s tremendous to see hypnotic amnesia, catalepsy, instant and rapid inductions and more at work, but the most jaw-dropping thing is to hear from your clients own lips the greater insight they have about their problem and didn’t know they had.

It’s also extremely interesting to hear a person’s life story and see how circumstances, experiences, beliefs and feelings have caused their problems. One such client I had, a recent weight loss client, is a good example of this. This client made and ate a big bowl of cookie dough every day and couldn’t stop this cycle. She was just so driven to make and eat cookie dough.

When we did the uncovering process we found, to both of our surprise, a fear of rats was at the bottom of it all! She’d eat the cookie dough as a way of getting her mind off of her fear of rats. When she was a little girl her mom had a fear of rats because they lived in a house with a bunch of them. My client picked up her mother’s fear. She’d be nervous while at home as a grown woman and as a means of distracting from her nervousness she’d do what a lot of people do, eat. Once she got over her fear, she stopped making the cookie dough and began to lose weight!


Help Family and Friends

Lots of people are attracted to this profession so that they can help a friend or family member. There are so many ways to do this using hypnosis. You can teach them the very powerful self-hypnosis process called 7th Path® that you’ll learn in the class that I, Cal and other 5-PATH® instructors teach. You can also safely use direct suggestion with friends and family, use NLP techniques with them, waking suggestion and learn and teach things like EFT to help them to overcome issues. Our training is a doorway to an eye-boggling amount of healing modalities that are available.

I know how important it is to help family and friends. I’ve worked with two of my nieces using hypnosis. One niece had a fear of public speaking and she overcame it with hypnosis sessions and promptly made an "A" in her class. My other niece, the one who now lives with me and blesses my life immensely, had mood swings, skin picking issues and other problems to the point of her being on several medications. She has gotten way better with just about everything. Her psychiatrist is working with us to lower her meds bit by bit. Our goal is for her to eventually be off of all of the medications. When that happens we are going to throw her a party!

Get Over Your Own Problems

Wow, there isn’t enough room here to write all the ways hypnosis has changed my life, but let me tell you just one way. This is kind of personal, but also amazing. I started my period when I was 14 years old. Since the very beginning I never had regular periods each month. With self-hypnosis techniques I learned as a hypnotist, I was able to uncover the cause of my problem (an event that occurred when I was 8 years old), and change the subconscious belief holding my problem in place.

Once that was done, my periods were normal and regular! It’ only took me 30 years to finally get this problem resolved! Doctors didn’t do it; diet didn’t do it, only hypnosis helped me to help myself with this problem. In my next article I plan to give all the humorous and, as I said, personal details about what I found and how I fixed it, so make sure you come back and read my next article.

Meet New and Fascinating People

When you become a hypnotist you’ll walk in circles with some of the most interesting people and the most fascinating thinkers of our times. Imagine having friends that will encourage and support you with just the right words at the right time. Hypnotists know how to be real friends and you’ll have many opportunities to befriend all kinds of wonderful people from all over the world.

Be a Part of the Solution for the World’s Problems

Have you ever felt the world’s problems were hopeless? I know I have. You’ll love knowing that each time you help someone you help not only that one person, but everyone connected with them and the positive changes vibrate out many times.

For instance, just the other day, I helped a lady overcome her anger at her mother. This caused her to be more loving with not only her mother, but also her husband and kids. Do you think, they in turn, just might be kinder to those in their circles? We are all so interconnected. You’ll love knowing that you are helping people, families and thus our society and the world. We all influence each other and the more good we can put into the world, the more hope we have for world-wide love and peace.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, anytime at 972-673-0110.

About Celeste Hackett, C.H., B.C.H., C.P.H.I.

Celeste Hackett became a hypnotist after a long and rewarding career as a major market radio announcer. Celeste sees up to 20 clients a week in Dallas, Texas, at her hypnosis office, Family First Hypnosis where she works with a wide range of issues.

Celeste has been featured on the Kidd Kraddick Radio Show, and in Dallas Child magazine and has co-hosted a weekly Web-TV Show with Calvin Banyan called "Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Etc with Celeste Hackett." You can access it at

In addition, Celeste owns and operates the only state-licensed hypnosis school for hypnotists in Dallas, Dallas Hypnosis Career Training.