We just finished the first week of our November 2 week class yesterday. I am very pleased with the professionalism and enthusiasm of my students. They are already hypnotizing each other and seeing and experiencing hypnotic phenomenon up close and personal.

Choose a Teacher that does demonstrations: One of the things I think is really important when choosing a teacher is to choose someone who will not only explain to you about hypnotic occurrences, such as eye catalepsy, amnesia, anesthesia and post hypnotic suggestion at work, but will also demonstrate them with a live subject in the class.

What is compounding? Here is a demonstration that we got on video just yesterday using Kristina, one of my students, as my subject. Thank you Kristina! This is a demonstration of how a suggestion given in hypnosis and acted upon in hypnosis goes on to be acted on after a client is emerged using a post hypnotic suggestion. This technique is called compounding and is often confused with direct drive which is a whole other technique that hypnotists use.

Make sure you turn up the audio: Audio is a little low so turn up your speakers and every speaker on your computer.

I show my students how easy hypnosis is and how you can get hypnotic phenomena to occur simply by reading the scripts in the manuals we provide. I try to read the script verbatim from the manual in this demo to prove this. In my own practice, however, I word things a bit differently, so it’s kind of hard for me to stick strictly to the copy and when hypnotizing in front of the class like this. Good teaching moment: You can put things in your own words later once you are seeing your own clients.

The Elman-Banyan directive induction: I use this induction because the students have been using one like it. They are familiar with it and so I am also demonstrating how to read it and not sound like you are reading. Clients may not feel like you know what you are doing if you sound like you are reading.

Once Kristina is in somnambulism, signified by losing the numbers (this part is left out due to save a bit of time) which she indicates to me raising her finger, I know she is now ready for the compounding technique, complete with a post hypnotic suggestion for re-entry into trance upon me my tugging at my chin.

You don’t have to pull your chin like I did. In fact, this demo is called the “Tie Tug” because the guys usually pull their ties. You could also tug your ear or touch your nose when doing this technique.

My subject’s reaction to the technique: When Kristina closes her eyes automatically she shakes her head in disbelief and I giggle. This is so much fun! Later she tells the class she was very surprised at how powerfully the suggestion worked.

Thanks, once again, to Kristina and my entire November class. I love teaching hypnosis! Hope to see YOU in my next class which is in March of 2010. For more information please visit at www.dallashypnosiscareertraining.com.