Here is an article recently published at I hope you enjoy and please take a moment to reflect on the way that we can help others along their journey simply by sharing what we have learned. Happy Holidays and may 2010 be a year of many blessings and prosperity.

When I first started speaking before women’s groups, I was invited to teach 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® to a group of women in a substance abuse support program. I’ve never admitted this before, but I confess I was surprised to find myself an outsider in a room full of NORMAL women! I entered that room amazed to find it filled with women from all walks of life. Each found a way to distract herself from her life’s problems. Each had used what was available to her: legal prescription medication, alcohol, illegal street drugs, and even food! Every woman brought to the circle a unique problem, and all had a common goal of being well. And they were all independent, intelligent, problem solvers. Just like most women! They had successfully found a way to cope with an underlying problem. Unfortunately, they had trapped themselves with a coping skill that was interfering with the rest of their daily lives!

I explained The Secret Language of Feelings® and I got Goosebumps watching them, as I always do with each class, when the “aha” moments start coming and they begin to realize and understand they aren’t to blame. Coping is what we do as humans! We aren’t taught how to deal with our emotions, nor even learn what our emotions are for. Some of us get lucky, learn quickly, and sail through life. Others of us get caught up in the cycle of destructive distraction. Oh, I myself know the distract cycle very well. I’ve ridden through destructive cycles with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and food. Once I understood my emotions and used 7th Path® to uncover and correct my erroneous beliefs, I was able to delve much deeper into understanding who I am, accepting myself exactly as I am, and even loving myself. Learning 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® and The Secret Language of Feelings® changed my life forever.

I was humbled to witness the melting pot of connected women in that 7th Path® class as they shared their stories, intimately and emotionally. For five weeks I watched them heal themselves with self-esteem, love, compassion, and the power of knowing who they were and had always been. Every week we added more glue to strengthen the building blocks they already possessed, allowing them to seek out the answers they needed inside of themselves instead of using destructive distracting cycles. Those women taught me so much. First, that substance abuse has no culture or class boundaries. Secondly, that the healing power of a group of women is so amazingly strong. Each of them came into that group alone, seeking help, the only common bond, a woman in trouble; and over a course of five weeks they nurtured, supported, and bonded with each other while they each found themselves. My continual learning never ceases to amaze me and it always excites me when I start a new class; because I know along the journey we walk together, that the students shall become my teacher and I too will learn.


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