Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc.
Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructors (CPHI) Training Standards

These training standards are made public to ensure that students considering our courses understand what to expect during the course and to increase accountability for each instructor.

  1. Minimum Course HoursEach CPHI must conduct the minimum number of hours that BHC requires for each course, no exceptions. Courses may be longer, but at no time shall a CPHI advertise or conduct courses that do not meet the minimum number of hours required for the course.

    • The Banyan Hypnosis Center (BHC) Hypnotherapy Certification Courseis conducted over a minimum of 10 days, and includes a minimum of 100 hours of training. There will be a minimum of 80 hours of course in class instruction and 10 hours of in class practice time. Reading materials such as books and the manuals provided as part of the course and will fill at least 10 more hours of the course.

    • The Advanced Hypnotherapy Course (also known as the “Week of Power”) is conducted over a minimum of 7 days, and includes a minimum of 63 hours. These 63 hours include a minimum of 56 hours of classroom training and a minimum of 7 hours of in class practice time. Additional time will spent by students reviewing course materials outside of class. To be eligible to take this Advanced training, students must already be a trained hypnotist and/or hypnotherapist, having an advanced degree such as, MD, PhD, MA or licensure does not fulfill this requirement.

    • Classes may be conducted in a part-time format over a few months, however, only the students who started at the same time may continue till the end of the course. In order to maintain continuity and the special bonding that is created with existing students, new students or graduates are not permitted to join the class after the first class has started.

  1. Exams The CPHI will provide exams from BHC and give them to the students.

    • When teaching the full Hypnotherapy Certification Course, the CPHI will give his or her students two exams, the Basic Exam and the Advanced Exam.

    • When teaching the Advanced Hypnotherapy Course the CPHI will provide his or her students with the Advanced Exam.

  1. Course Manual(s)When instructing these courses, the CPHI will use the manuals provided by BHC. At this time, these are the Level I and Level II manuals. These manuals constitute the minimum information that will be taught. Additionally, the CPHI will provide the following materials when instructing the courses as follows:

    • Hypnotherapy Certification Course – Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy” book by Calvin Banyan & Gerald Kein; “Get on the Path” Booklet and a pendulum

    • Advanced Hypnotherapy Course (also known as the “Week of Power”) – “Get on the Path” booklet

  1. Video TrainingThe CPHI will show videos of Calvin Banyan conducting the 5-PATH® process. These videos consist of the 5-PATH® videos which include Phase I through IV, and the Affect Induced Age Regression Induction video. The CPHI may also show small portions of other videos provided by BHC as a way of increasing interest in those training programs, but may not use them to replace demonstrations. Such is the case with the Rapid and Instant Induction video course by Calvin Banyan.
  1. Dress CodeCPHIs agree to always dress in a professional manner when teaching classes. For example, a male will dress in slacks, tie and appropriate shirt. Women will dress in professional office attire.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about a CPHI, please contact us at: 800-965-3390 or you can email us at: